Boost Your Energy with Green Smoothies

Discover the Secret of green smoothies. Green Smoothies are made from a blend of nutrient-rich vegetables like spinach, kale, and other leafy greens that are blended together with other ingredients like berries, bananas, yogurt and more. In general, the ratio to work towards for the optimal smoothie is 60% ripe fruit and 40% greens, with a little liquid added in to ease the blending. 

Not only are these plant-fortified drinks filled with vitamins and minerals, they also contain a heaping dose of antioxidants and filling fiber that can substitute for a meal. In this way, these nutrient-rich drinks are an effortless way to amp up your daily diet with extra veggies and greens.

Unlike juicing, which leeches greens of their fiber content, pureeing vegetables in a smoothie keeps their nutrition profiles intact. This makes green smoothies just as healthy as big salads made from the same ingredients, and they are much easier to consume.